Fiberreed make it easier

If your Fiberreed responds poorly or feels too heavy, it needs to be made thinner. It is usually sufficient to work on the tip of the reed. This will make the sound a little brighter. To do this, take sandpaper and carefully sand the tip of the reed thinner in the first third of the cut-out. After each sanding, test your Fiberreed to see what has changed. Continue to do this until the desired result is achieved.

If the deep layers are too heavy, sand your Fiberreed with coarse sandpaper at the back of the cut-out. This is the last third of the gouge, where the reed reaches its full thickness and merges into the shank. You have to remove a little more here to achieve a noticeable effect. The same applies here: test again and again


Fiberreed make harder

Take the fine 1000-grit paper and shorten the tip of the blade at a right angle (as when filing nails). You can also use a blade cutter. However, the cut edge will not be as smooth and should be reworked. You should not cut more than approx. 1 mm, otherwise the proportions of the cut-out will be too different and no longer harmonize.