Customization of your Fiberreed according to your wishes and requirements

For example, we change the response or the resonance of the high or low register until the Fiberreed meets your expectations (approx. 0.25 - 2 hours).

Measurement of your favorite wooden sheet, conversion and production as Fiberreed

We take the playing characteristics of your favorite wood blade and transfer them to a Fiberreed. This combines the advantages of a Fiberreed with your personal requirements for a good reed. (1 - 3 hours)

Your dimension sheet costs you exactly the same as a series - Fiberreed You only pay for the additional working time (70,- Euro/hour plus VAT).

If you wish, we can take one of your made-to-measurereeds into our warehouse as a template free of charge. This means you can reorder at any time. We guarantee consistent quality.