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Volume 2 contains the parts for piano (guitar), bass, congas, bongos/campana, timbales and guiro.

Harry Hartmann has compiled some of the most beautiful Afro-Cuban songs for Latin ensemble in this teaching and playing book and recorded them with a professional band. The songs are arranged for ensemble playing and improvisation. The CD contains the original versions with melody and the playback versions. The recordings sound authentic and were recorded "live" (without synthesizers).

How this book came about

Afro-Cuban music is my great love. These beautiful melodies and rhythms have fascinated me for a long time. In my search for suitable play-a-longs for me and my students, I realized that there are very few. And these are almost exclusively produced with synthesizers, samplers and computers. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own work with live musicians on "real" instruments.

In order to do justice to the liveliness and heartfelt quality of Afro-Cuban music, all instruments were played "live". The recordings were made together and deliberately without clicking. It was important that the music sounded authentic and that it was fun to play.

Who is this book suitable for?

This book is for all those who want to learn and/or play Afro-Cuban music and have already mastered their instrument to some extent. Volume 1 contains lyrics and melody in C (vocals, flute, violin, guitar, etc.) as well as melody parts in Bb (trumpet, clarinet, tenor saxophone, etc.), Eb (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, etc.) and bass clef (trombone, bass, etc.). Volume 2 contains the parts for piano (guitar), bass, congas, bongos/campana, timbales and guiro.

How do I work with this book?

With volumes 1 and 2 of this book, a Latin ensemble can be completely supplied with sheet music. Each ensemble member should have their own book with CD (please do not copy). Likewise, every musician, regardless of which instrument they play, can learn and play all the pieces using only the sheet music and the CD. On the CD there is a version of each piece with melody and a version without melody. All melody instruments and singers use tracks 12-20 to play along. Pianists, guitarists and bassists also use tracks 12-20 to play along. The piano and bass can be faded out from the CD for playing along using the balance control. Percussionists should use tracks 3-11, where the congas and timbales (bongos in the boleros) can be faded out for playing along.

This means that every musician can fade out a voice according to their instrument and play and practise with the Play-A-Long CD

The musicians

Harry Hartmann - tenor saxophone, percussion, coro
Harry Buckl Valera - congas, timbales, bongo/campana
Frank Hurrle - piano
Boris Friedel - Bass

Excerpts as PDF

Cachita percussion
Capullito De Aleli-Bass
La Enganadora-Piano


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