I’ve been playing fiberreeds for well over a decade and have never looked back. You simply can not beat the consistency, tone and reliability of the Carbon Fiberreed. It allows me to never have to worry about having a Good Reed! I can focus on my sound 100% of the time.

Born in Cincinnati, B.J. Jansen has established himself as a charismatic and dynamic performer, composer, bandleader and educator on and off the stage. B.J.’s journey in music began at age 10 when his father bought him an Alto Saxophone and gave him recordings of Gerry Mulligan and Charlie Parker. He later found his true voice on the Baritone Saxophone while performing in various college ensembles.

He holds an MBA in Music Management from the William Paterson University of New Jersey and a BA in Jazz Studies from the University of Louisville, School of Music.

B.J. Jansen is an Endorsing Artist for Yanagisawa Saxophones of Japan and Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed of Germany. He is also Conn Selmer Clinician and has given Music Industry clinics at Universities and JEN. As a recording artist, B.J. appears on releases from Artists Recording Collective (ARC) and RoninJazz labels.

Favorite Fiberreed:

Fiberreed Carbon Baritonsaxophon

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Current mouthpieces

Bill Street Custom Mpcs on a Yanagisawa B991