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Steve Goodon

„I use and endorse Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed’s exclusively on all my saxophones! – Steve Goodson – Nation of Music – Facebook


Wayne Keith

„I have got fiberreeds on my tenor and clarinet! I’m a cane convert.  I’m tired of the poor quality of cane reeds!“ – Wayne Keith


Tony Craddock Jr.

„The Carbon has given me more freedom of expression than I’ve ever had before on alto sax!“ – Tony Craddock Jr.


Roilan Vasquez

„Fiberreed is one of the modern Reed that most surprised me by the wide definition in the sound produced. Once we have the correct size we will appreciate playing with more clarity, focus and ease tonguing in any registry. It is a Reed that everyone should have, especially if you travel to different parts of […]


Max Evangelista

„I play saxophone for over 25 years in Brazil. I have about 40 saxophones today, most of them use and love Fiberreeds.  They are the reeds for me!“ – Max Evangelista


Mauro Capitale

„So glad I discovered Fiberreed. No more bad reeds. My Fiberreeds perform at all levels for me. I love them!“ – Mauro Capitale


*Legend Lee Konitz

Lee Konitz (born October 13, 1927) is an American composer and alto saxophonist. [from Wikipedia] He has performed successfully in a wide range of jazz styles, including bebop, cool jazz, and avant-garde jazz. Konitz’s association with the cool jazz movement of the 1940s and 1950s includes participation in Miles Davis’s Birth of the Cool sessions and his work with pianist Lennie Tristano. He was […]


Jason Alder

„I’m a professional clarinet and saxophonist, specializing in the low reeds. I started using Fiberreeds for contrabass clarinet, and was immediately impressed with the sound and response. While I love the sound of a cane reed, with an instrument such as contrabass clarinet it is very difficult to find one that responds well through all […]


Brian Hogg

„I love Fiberreeds and play them exclusively, the only exception being soprano. I did try a number of synthetic reeds, but when I played your Carbon Fiberreed, I was hooked. I believe the sound is better than my best cane reed and I am extremely pleased with them.“ – Brian Hogg


Bastiaan Baaij

„I can’t say enough about my Fiberreeds. There is no comparison!“ – Bastiaan Baaij