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Chris Turner

„Fiberreeds are amazing.“ I’ve tried the other synthetics and nothing compares! „ –


Millicent Stephenson

‘I love it! Natural and synthetic fibres woven together. For me it’s a great feel, great sound and great when I’m doubling’   Millicent Stephenson, our Fiberreed Endorser, is an accomplished and acclaimed multi-award winning saxophonist. Millicent songs have been featured on BBC Radio, International, Community and local radio stations.  Millicent’s recent Single ‘Take me To […]


Saul Lubaroff

“  I have seriously tried many synthetic reeds over the load 10 years. Fiberreed is a gift to any jazz saxophone player. And as a woodwind doubler, you do not have to keep wetting your reed as with cane.  It keeps a steady tone and is a little extra bright if you need it to […]


Vic Robles

„I prefer Fiberreed Carbon reeds.  I love the fact that they last longer than traditional bamboo and altissimo is easier to reach!  Also for the hot dry heat of summer in California they are always ready to play!“ – Vic Robles – Facebook – YouTube


Darryl Wakefield

„The Hemp reed a joy to play. But, I really love the Carbon!“ – Darryl „DWake“ Wakefield – Facebook


Bruno Soares Sax

„I play Fiberreed on my Claude Lakey mouthpieces jazz and ebonite.  The combination is incredible. I love my Fiberreeds!“ –  Bruno Soares Sax –  YouTube


Omri Abramov

„The dynamic flexibility and altissimo range are fantastic as well as looking for outstanding reed!  It’s amazing how natural the Fiberreed feels! „ Omri Abramov Facebook


Walle Larsson

„I’ve been playing the FiberRed Hemp medium strength for several months.“ The same has been done on a tour of Europe and local trains here in Southern California Harry Hartmann and the team at Fiberreed for such amazing product. „ Walle Larsson