Fiberreed reeds have been a game changer for me. Doubling on three saxes is very challenging as far as reeds are concerned. With Fiberreed, I can always depend on the exact predictable great playing reed on each instrument every time. The convenience of having the confidence to just pull out the sax and play it without the hassle of finding a good reed has been life changing for me.

Favorite Fiberreeds:

I use Hemp Medium Fiberreeds on Tenor and Soprano sax. On Alto I use Carbon medium.


I us e a Tenor Madness Tenor a Jupiter XO Alto and a Yanigisawa Curved Sopran.

Current mouthpieces

I use a Westcoast Sax Moam 105 on Tenor, Dukoff 6m on Alto and a Selmer E square chamber on Soprano Saxophone or clarinet(s).