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Alessandro Tomei

„Fiberreeds are AMAZING!!! True love with my Carbon Classics for tenor and Hemps for alto.“ –


LaDarrel Johnson

„I am currently using the classic cut Fiberreeds (medium strength), and these reeds are simply INCREDIBLE! These reeds have great response, from the first note played, until the very last note performed on it. You won’t find a better quality reed than Fiberreeds! “ –


Nick Blechar

„These things are fantastic! I work in the cruise industry and perform 2-6 hours a day, so I’ve been searching for a consistent reed for a while (after getting frustrated with the dropping quality of Vandoren’s). I tried every synthetic reed on the market hoping that one would be worth my money and time, and yours certainly are. I […]


Ronald Alphonse

„Very clearly I am very, very enthusiastic about Fiberreed Carbon Classic. The reed is fine in its precision and homogeneity, the high notes come out! –


Steven Bundick

„I have been using Fiberreeds since 2000 after 20 years of dealing with the cane reed frustrations that just seemed to have gotten worse at that time! Back then I started playing the Classic reeds on alto. After trying ALL of the other synthetics on the market, HH Fiberreeds can’t be beat. Hands down! I […]


Alessandro Leo

„I’ve been using the Fiberreed Carbon Classic for baritone for years! A great sound, centered and homogeneous on all the registries of sax! I recommend this product to my students too!“ –


Vladimir Chuprygin

„I like Fiberreed a lot! I travel different places and perform in countries with different climate, so I need to be sure, that my reeds are always OK. Since I’ve started to use Fiberreed, I can rely on their quality. Also these reeds sound great and you can pick your own type. It can be […]


Addjust Vary Support Sopransaxophon

A set of four different hard rubber pads exclusively for Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed that replace the supplied edition of medium hardness (not suitable for Fiberreed CARBON, Fiberreed NATURAL and Fiberreed NATURAL CLASSIC). Shades make ADDjust Vary Support easily distinguishable: the brighter the color, the softer the sound. The darker the color the more direct the […]