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25 Suchergebnisse für: hemp


Albert Wing

„I really love my Hemp Fiberreeds! I use on gigs and sessions. Harmonic generation for multi phonics is equal to or better than what I am used before. Wow – great product!!“ –


Dale Fielder

„I am your biggest fan, specifically of the Hemp Fiberreed for baritone sax! It is a product I wholeheartedly believe in and have come to rely on night after night! As you know Danny, I favor specifically the Hemp baritone HARD. I feel with it, I can project with power, but with a warm woodwind […]


Steve Elson

„I’m just back from my travels and felt inspired to write this in support of your amazing reeds. I got hold of my first Carbon Fiberreed a couple of months ago. I wasn’t sure I wanted to trust an important European concert tour to an untested reed so I brought along a box of my […]


Nick Blechar

„These things are fantastic! I work in the cruise industry and perform 2-6 hours a day, so I’ve been searching for a consistent reed for a while (after getting frustrated with the dropping quality of Vandoren’s). I tried every synthetic reed on the market hoping that one would be worth my money and time, and yours certainly are. I […]


Taj Davis

„I tried a Hemp reed at NAMM and I can’t stop using it. It is an amazing.“ –


Richard Ross

„I have been playing single reeds since 1968. I have been to NAMM show 30 plus times and have tested 80% of the sax products available today. I am a daily player with a repertoire of over 200 songs. It is a rare occurrence for something truly new and better to become available in the […]


Matt Thomas

„I’ve tried just about every other brand of synthetic reed out there, and Fiberreed is head and shoulder above the rest.  There’s nothing better for playing three horns on stage! Really loving the Hemp! I find them to be the perfect balance for my sound.“


Glenroy Charles

„The hemp Fiberreed did a lot for my upper register. It gives it a more beautiful sound, like candy. Also it makes my sound a bit broader, adds more resistance . I can really get into my solo without worrying  about over-blowing or sounding flimsy“


Tantra – Eine neue Mundstückserie von Theo Wanne

Wer früher im Internet Informationen über Vintage-Mundstücke gesucht hat, kann wohl kaum an der Seite von Theo Wanne vorbei. Diese Seite ist leider erloschen. Seit etwa 2005 hat Theo Wanne eine neue Webseite unter dem Namen Unter „Knowledge“ sind die alten Infos wieder zu finden. Es gibt eine Seite mit einem Mundstück-Museum und […]