„After years of searching or the perfect reed I am happy to have discovered Fiberreed.

I discovered this unique sound playing Fiberreeds on my Theo Wanne mouthpieces. Fibereeds bring out my best sound performing in any music environment from rock to jazz standards. For me they work well on all my metal and hard rubber mouthpieces. From playing hard to a whisper these reeds perform with ease. The Fiberreed CARBON provides nice overtones while the Fiberreed NATURAL gives me a true natural warm tone just like cane.

The longevity of these reeds has lasted longer than cane and other synthetics I have used in the past. What is real special is the quality and consistency of these reeds. The ability to take the reed out of your case and just play is amazing. With cane I had to pre-soak and work on them before I played them, never mind dealing with warped and selecting playable reeds. Thank you Harry for creating this product. People have noticed a nice change to my sound!“