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How this book was created

Afro - Cuban music is my great love. These beautiful melodies and rhythms have fascinated me for a long time. In searching for suitable play-alongs for myself and my students, I found that there are hardly any featuring this great music. The ones I found were almost exclusively produced with synthesizers, samplers and computers. I made the decision to create my own work with real musicians and "genuine" instruments.

In order to achieve the energy as well as the heart and soul of Afro - Cuban music, all instruments heard were played "live" without a click track. It was important that the music sounded authentic making it a joy to play along with it.

For whom is this book suitable?

This book is for all interested musicians on any level of expertise who wish to be exposed to authentic Afro-Cuban music and have already to some extent control of their instrument. Volume One contains text and melody in C (singing, flute, violin, guitar etc.); melody voices in Bb (trumpet, clarinet, tenor saxophone etc.); Eb (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, etc.) and in the bass clef (trombone, bass etc.). Volume Two contains the parts for piano (guitar), bass, congas, congos/campana, timbales and guiro.

How do I work with this book?

With Volume One and Two of this book a Latin ensemble is completely Supplied with all the parts. This means every musician will be able to learn and play all the pieces without other instruments using their book. On the CD each piece has a version each with and without melody. All melody instruments and singers must use tracks 12 to 20 as well as pianists, guitarists and bass players. With the balance controller of your audio system, piano and bass can be faded out in order to play with the CD for those instruments. Percussion players use tracks 3 to 11, and again congas and timbales (for Boleros the bongos) can be faded out in order to play along. Therefore any musician can fade out a voice according to their instrument and play and practice with the Play-A-Long CD alone.

I wish you all a lot of pleasure to play this wonderful and soulful music.

The musicians

Harry Hartmann - tenor saxophone, percussion, coro
Harry Buckl Valera - congas, timbales, bongo/campana
Frank Hurrle - piano
Boris Friedel - Bass

Preview (PDF)

Cachita percussion
Capullito De Aleli-Bass
La Enganadora-Piano


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