I am a beginner and have been playing tenor saxophone for 4 months. I tried a Carbon Fiberreed for the first time and I’m amazed by how responsive it is and the sound it produces. Great job. Keep it up.

After almost four weeks of playing with Fiberreed Carbon, my impression is that it has great responsiveness, full tone at both low and high register, and it’s a bit “smoother” than Java reeds. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking with it.

I ordered a “zebra” reed a few weeks ago and I liked it immediately. I piggybacked on a friend’s order and ordered the same reed again in S. Today I tried it for the first time and I was blown away! After just a few notes, I knew: THIS is it!

Thank you from Bayreuth.

After initially purchasing a 2.5 reed, at my request Mr. Hartman kindly agreed to exchange it for a 2 reed. While the 2.5 reed was too hard to blow, the 2 reed is fantastic. All I can say is this reed is phenomenal—thank you so much!

Hello Mr. Hartmann, yes, the reed has arrived, and the invoice amount has already been transferred. It plays really well, by the way, and the thickness is just right.

I am a professional musician in Chicago, Il., USA. I have tried several brands of synthetic reeds after being frustrated by the inconsistency of cane reeds. Your Fiberreed was the most comfortable, best sounding and longest lasting reed that I found. It’s great to have that kind of consistentcy night after night.

I have been playing for 25 years on a Selmer Mark VI saxophone. I have tried different types of reeds. However, a friend of mine from work recommended a Cordora Fiberreen, I never went back to a cane reed. Try a medium with almost any facing (mouth piece) and you will get hooked, in my opinion. Practice daily, Victor.

I play in horn sections playing festivals throughout Europe and the States. Many times I need to cut through poor mixes and over the top guitars. I sifted through untold boxes of cane reeds and shifted my focus to fiber reeds as they have the altissimo response needed in this setting. Harry Hartman reeds stand out as the hands down winner. It is now October and I’m still playing the same reed that I broke out in Paris in April. My bandmates all turned their heads at first sound and said” Whoa Daddy” “Your sound is rockin’ homes” I’m now a devout Hartman fan and cannot return to any other. This player strongly recommends trying them.

You may quote me on the following (and even give my email to anyone who wishes to hear my testimony first hand: chenyehezkely_at_hotmail_com). I thank the Lord for fiberglass and for lazer and for computers and for Harry Hartmann. Playing your reeds was for me an experience of salvation. I am happy I insisted on sending them back and forth for additional temperring – for now they are perfect. I suggest you tell all your present and future clients that they may do the same, for then you will have more happy clients.

I enjoy the sound of the reeds very much. Best regards

Harry, I just wanted to let you know I have been using your carbon reed for a couple of years and it is awesome. I have tried just about every natural and synthetic reed available and yours are THE BEST. The firm tip allows for easy altissimo while the thin body lets the low end blow effortlessly. I use them on alto, soprano, and tenor and have the other guys in my group doing the same.

I bought a reed for my son – he loves it. He is able to produce the sound he was looking for and hopefully it will last a bit longer than the Van Dorens. Thank you.

Thanks! These are the best synthetics I’ve ever tried (and I have tried them all!)……………Daryl.

I absolutely love the Carbon Toptone Fiberreed for my alto sax. I use it with my Dukoff P7 for jazz, pop and entertainment—the deep sounds are so easy to produce and the flageolet is lighter than ever. I think you’ve managed to replace cane reeds for me!

By the way, I also wanted to say that I am a complete “sound fanatic” and favor an extremely clear sax tone in normal playing – (softer tone is ok for very quiet playing) I absolutely love the clarity of tone that the fiberreed provides – this too is unmatched, basically making all other synthetic reeds out there fall short.

Dear Mr. Hartmann, I’m a professional musician and I tried your Fiberreed for alto sax and I think is very good play, because I have problems with natural reeds. I will be very glad to meet you a day.