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A New Mouthpiece from Theo Wanne

Sonic Magazine In the past, musicians searching for informations about vintage mouthpieces had to go to Theo Wanne’s website (www.mouthpieceheaven.com) to find the best information. This site unfortunately doesn’t work anymore. Since 2007, the new website is www.theowanne.com. Under Knowledge you can find the old information. There is one page with a mouthpiece museum and […]

High-Tech Cane Solutions

DOWNBEAT Mai 2014 – Ed Enright Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed continues to expand its line of synthetic reeds for saxophone and clarinet with the addition of a Hemp line that’s made of 80 percent organic materials, including layers of nut tree, birch and real hemp. Hartmann, a professional saxophonist, founded Fiberreed 20 years ago when he […]