Important information about COVID-19

All Fiberreed are manufactured under increased hygiene conditions and disinfected with Stammopur DR8. Stammopur is approved by the Robert-Koch-Institute for the disinfection of corona viruses.

Price increase as of April 15, 2021

Fiberreed is increasing product prices on select product lines beginning April 15. Click here for more information.

»Fiberreed sets a new standard in reed superiority!« Legend Tom Scott

NEW: Fiberreed HEMP – 80% organic material for a darker, earthy Sound.

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» The buzz I get from the Fibereed has a pure woodwind sound: the highs, lows and beyond are great. With constant use of the Fibereed, I find that the sound remains consistent. Thanks to Fibereed my search for the right reed is over. « Legend Bill Saxton

New Tantra mouthpieces

»The subtone is just SO easy. I love the combination!« Katja Rieckerman 

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» They out class all other synthetic reeds. « Legend Jan Garbarek